Re: Extropian Music?

Diego A. Mayer-Cantu (
Tue, 15 Dec 1998 09:56:43 -0800

>The obvious choice though is Kraftwerk.

"I program my home computer, beam myself into the future" ;) I was lucky enough to see what was left of them in concert last summer.

Expanding on Kraftwerk and electronic music:

I feel that a lot of the new electronic stuff is extropian in nature, but the only thing that really comes close to being truly extropian to me is jungle. Most jungle comes out of the UK, and I must say, that a majority of the artists are intensely obsessed with extropian concepts, which is reflected in the music they compose. The names they produce under and the names of songs are usually futuristic and/or sci-fi related. "Ono-Sendai" is one example that comes to mind (From William Gibson's "Neuromancer") and a song called "cryogenics" is currently playing out of my speaker. Hell, one producer's personal slogan is "join the future." doesn't get much more extropian than that in my opinion. Unfortunately, most of this stuff is pressed on 12", and imported records usually cost 10 bucks each. I've rarely seen any good futuristic jungle come out on CD.

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