Re: Extropian Music?

Anders Sandberg (
15 Dec 1998 15:17:53 +0100

> From: Christopher Whipple <>
> >I'm extremely curious what [the list] would classify as "Extropian Music".

I think (as others has pointed out) that there is no single extropian music. We like different styles, some music might use technologies we ejoy, other music might express our visions and other music is mind-expanding. But it is hard to call it "extropian music".

That doesn't mean we shouldn't recommend what we think is good music to each other, just as we recommend good books or websites. I have got a lot of great tips from this list.

"Max M" <> writes:
> And beside music is often made by young people/teens without any
> technological, humanistic, rational and otherwise philosophical background.
> Those who has that background doesn't usually make music.

Unfortunately true. I wonder if we could start collaborating, combining our respective specialities?

> I think that Transhumanism is such a complex subject that to know both it
> and how to make music can be very difficult. Besides theres is probably no
> money in it at all. Thus violating the first rule of all organisations. "Do
> what is nessecary to uphold your own existence."

A lot of music has been made just for the fun of it.

> The obvious choice though is Kraftwerk.


As always when this thread pops up, I recommend Philip Glass. Two days ago I bought the soundtrack of Powaqqatsi (sp?). I was feeling a preliminary cold, so I put on the CD and went to bed, doing a visualization to get my T-cells up and going while listening. The first track was happy and energetic, a nice complement. Then the second track began... a kind of low, background chord that really fuelled my anticipation. As the music evolved, I began to get a feeling of familiarity, and as the theme emerged I suddenly realized that this was the title music from the Truman Show too! I had a flash of insight, when I correlated a lot of facts I had previously only noted (like seeing Glass name on some webpage about the movie) and at the same time getting this wonderful transhuman feeling. After that I couldn't stay in bed, I jumped up at my computer and began working... :-)

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