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Tue, 15 Dec 1998 09:29:46 -0000

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From: James Daugherty <> To: <> Date: 15 December 1998 01:46
Subject: Re: Property

>"Samael" <> has a problem with semantics:
>>An object starts off as unowned. Everyone could use it. Then somneone
>>comes along and claims it. Now only they can use it. How is this not
>"Everyone" could _not_ use it! Only one person can use it! As soon as
>they pick it up to use it, it is effectively _theirs_.. Group ownership is
>utter nonsense.

So if you pick up my book, it belongs to you? It's impossible to lend things to people? Really? IOs that actually what you are trying to say? Because I think that _that_) attitude will probably put off most people on this group.