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>>I'm extremely curious what [the list] would classify as "Extropian Music".
>I dont think there isn't much music made that can be called extropian. For
>some reason it is very trendy to be dark an negative when making music. (I
>myself have been guilty in this)
>And beside music is often made by young people/teens without any
>technological, humanistic, rational and otherwise philosophical background.
>Those who has that background doesn't usually make music.
>I think that Transhumanism is such a complex subject that to know both it
>and how to make music can be very difficult. Besides theres is probably no
>money in it at all. Thus violating the first rule of all organisations. "Do
>what is nessecary to uphold your own existence."

There is lots of money to be made in music, but you have to be talented and lucky.

Hmm, has anyone seen the live set for the ZOOTV tour? Hundreds of TV's with different images playing back on them, projecting different comments and questions ranging from "What do you want?" to "Watch more TV".

Random quote from song: "She's going to dream up the world she wants to live in. She's going to dream out loud."