Re: Final Challenge to Socialists

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Tue, 15 Dec 1998 10:15:28 -0000

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Subject: Re: Final Challenge to Socialists

>I wrote:
>> Again [Samael wrote]:
>> "Likewise, an individual decision not to participate in one's own
>> governance simply leaves it in the hands of others (who most
>> probably do not have your best interests as close to their hearts as
>> you do) by default."
>> Exactly why I don't want to leave my "governance" in anyone else's hands,
>> especially the hands of those most eager to "govern" me. I don't want to
>> "participate" in somebody else's idea of how I should run my life.
>Samael replies:
>>The idea is you propose, they dispose. The ideas they are
>>implementing concerning your life are YOURS.
>I confess I haven't a clue what you're talking about here.
>I'm beginning to think you're just having fun with our heads.

I'd like to point out that neither of those quotes came from me. They both came from Joe E Dees.
Do try to get your attibution right old chap, I don't mind getting my erros thrown in my face, but other peoples opinions are too muich to cope with at this time in the morning.