Re: Extropian Music?

E. Shaun Russell (
Mon, 14 Dec 1998 23:18:16 -0800

Christopher Whipple wrote:

>Has this question ever been really covered?

Yes; check the archives from about four months ago.
>I'm extremely curious what [the list] would classify as "Extropian Music".

It is probably impossible to pinpoint any one kind of music as extropian. Music, like any art, is objective only to the ones who peruse it. My tastes may differ from those of most other people (and they do) yet since I am an extropic individual, does that make my tastes extropic? Doubtful. A lot of the owness falls upon the musicians themselves; for example (and mind the possible bias) the Mike Oldfield album _The Songs Of Distant Earth_ could be considered extropic due to the fact that it mirrors Arthur C. Clarke's excellent book of the same name --indicative of Oldfield's intentions. However, many extropians may not care for the music.

On a similar note, my own music compositions may not convey a lot about my optimism towards future progress or desire for extended mortality, yet they give me, an extropian, an outlet for different kinds of expression --pleasing and displeasing to others' ears. Needless, to say, it depends upon the musician's objective as well as the listener's discretion to decide what makes music "extropic" or not.

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