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Dan Fabulich <> Wrote:

>but doesn't the concept of a PPF sort of undermine the whole point of
>anarcho-capitalism? I mean, this is my real problem/question. If there's
>only one PPF making the laws, how can we expect the laws to be formed
>fairly under legal market principles?

The difference is that no one organization would be making the laws and not everyone would be living under the same law, you get what you pay for, you get what you think is really important. Example: My PPA strongly embraces capital punishment, your PPA is anti capital punishment but only moderately so. Everybody can't get exactly what they want and this issue is more important to me than to you, so if you kill me your fate will be determined by a arbiter known to be in favor of the death penalty. On the other hand if you had paid to join a PPA that was fanatically anti capital punishment then the arbiter would be someone who opposes capital punishment.

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