Re: the bell curve

Spike Jones (
Mon, 14 Dec 1998 22:18:43 -0800

> Samael wrote: Life extension is all well and good, but it needs to be weighed
> up against quality of life. If you hate driving a pickup and enjoy riding a
> motorcycle, would you rather spending ten years riding motorcycles or 100
> years driving a pickup?

um, ill take the 100 years in the truck... {8^D as it turns out, i still have the bike and i looooove the truck. so rude and gnarly!

but heres a thought for you all: china is in the process of modernizing, violently.
they have already announced that they will not utilize expensive western technology
for internal combustion pollution control. their engines will likely be a lot like the dirty 60s economy cars produced in the u.s.

so. considering there are a billllllion of those folks, and they intend to drive
eventually, and california is now receiving a measureable amount of pollution from across the pacific, we are in for some heartache. we know that we can crack coal to propane, or generate propane using biomass, etc, but these clean and green methods are more expensive than the natural octane now available just by pumping it outta the ground. but if we use enough gas the u.s., burning cleanly and efficiently in our california state controlled
(very controlled) engines, then less would be available in the coming decades for
the chinese to burn dirty. then they might decide to go directly to the cleaner propane burners, without going through dirty gasoline engines.

therefore, by driving a big rude v8, we not only drive more safely and thereby increase our chances of surviving until nanotech nerdvana, we also help protect the environment from the chinese hordes. {8-]