Re: Extropian Music?

Christopher Whipple (
Tue, 15 Dec 1998 01:09:55 -0500

>Seal, NIN, Forest For The Trees, Pete Namlook, Bill Laswell, Tetsu
>Inoue, Terre Thaemlitz for starters. Joe

Yes, I've got everything that NIN has ever done... right down to all the bootlegs, music vids, mpegs, and miscellaneous soundtrackings...

Forest For the Trees? Jesus man... If I hear that one song about being in the third person one more time my head will explode.... Bagpipes and techno DO NOT MIX -- I don't CARE what drug you're on!


I'm wondering if anyone has gone into exploring the various derivatives of acid jazz? I've got quite a tidy little collection -- my favorites being Pizzicato 5, Stereolab and Tortoise...