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> >What is the measure of a C. Elegans? 959 cells, 302 neurons, 19,900
> >genes, 97 million genetic codes.
> What's amazing is that for all our supposed complexity we only have five
> times as many genes...
> best, patrick
> >>
> Yes, this is a wonderful observation. [My bio chem is way back so a factor
> of 5 only? perhaps] The exact multiple is not the amazing thing. The
> amazing thing is C. Elegans. Once you can make proteins and express an
> epithelial cell, a neuron, etc, the 'miracle' is done. Just add more of them
> [one hundred million times as many neurons] , and the interactions,
> complexity, and hierarchy produces qualitatively new properties. Like
> internet mailing lists...
> -Jay
Just toss in quantity, fold in complexity, kick back and see what qualities emerge... Joe