Re: Final Challenge to Socialists
Mon, 14 Dec 1998 16:59:28 -0700

Joe asks:
"How could the Central Americans reover from the hurricane without
global gov't-coordinated assistance? None of them are in any position to help each other (at least not enough)."

How about by simply appealing for help? Time and time again we've seen masses of people give freely of their time and wealth to help others in desperate plights.

It's a fact that private charity still outdoes the bureaucrats'
"generosity" (using other people's money), despite confiscatory tax rates.
It's also a fact that most real (uncoerced) charity goes to the people who need it, whereas "charity" through taxation goes mostly to line the adminstrative officials' pockets.

I might add that it's people's responsibility to protect their assets, for instance, by insurance. If the Central Americans are too poor to afford insurance, it's because they're kept poor by the effects of forcible tampering with the economy.