Re: Singularity: AI Morality

Eliezer S. Yudkowsky (
Mon, 14 Dec 1998 15:30:02 -0600

Robin Hanson wrote:
> Billy Brown wrote:
> >If you want to implement a sentient AI, there is no obvious reason to do
> >things this way. It would make more sense to implement as many mechanisms
> >as you like for suggesting possible goals, then have a single system for
> >selecting which ones to pursue.
> There is no obvious reason to do things the way humans do, but there is
> no obvious reason not to either. I think it is fair to say that few things
> are obvious about high level AI organization and design.

I would disagree. Few things are obviously true, but many things are obviously false - the 8-circuit design, to continue stamping madly on the greasy spot where there used to lie a dead horse.

I would say that humans have many conflicting goal systems, overlapping where they shouldn't and unlinked where they should. I would demand an extremely good reason before giving an AI more than one goal system. Multiple intuitions, yes; multiple goals and multiple intentions; but not more than one goal system - and absolutely not an silicoendocrine system to duplicate the stresses we experience as the result of conflict. Even if there are good evolutionary reasons! It's just too much of a risk.

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