Re: A Libertarian Army?

Terry Donaghe (
Mon, 14 Dec 1998 11:36:31 -0800 (PST)

---den Otter <> wrote:
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> > From: John Clark <>
> > How can I guarantee that this voluntary army won't switch from
being a
> > protector to being an oppressor? I can't. I can't give you an iron
> > guarantee that the US Army wont overthrow the government and set
up a
> > military dictatorship either. They certainly have the means to do
so if
> they
> > wished to. I don't think that's very likely to happen, but it's
far more
> > likely than the sort of army I'm talking about doing it. The
instant a
> > voluntary army starts acting in a totalitarian way, shut off it's
> > supply and stop its cancerous growth in the bud. That is a
powerful tool
> that
> > we don't have today, with the US. Army you are forced to keep
sending it
> > money even if you hate what it's doing.
> If you cut off your private army's funds they'll do exactly what
> other pissed-off private army did before them: they'll come and take
> it by force (perhaps shooting you, torching your home and raping
> your wife, kids and dog if they feel like it). An army that's
> to take on PPAs and even nation states shouldn't have much of a
> problem with coercing a couple of civilians.

Is that what the American Revolutionary army did when they were broke? I don't think so. Did the Confederate Army rape and pillage their own people because they couldn't afford to pay them well? I don't think so.

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