Re: Mind machines, a badly neglected topic?

Michael Lorrey (
Mon, 14 Dec 1998 12:43:45 -0500

Scott Badger wrote:

> >>there was a research scientist working out of a
> >>Canadian university who has published several papers
> >>on the effects of a machine he designed which
> >>manipulated and focused electromagnetic frequencies
> >>on various places in the brain.
> >
> >Michael Persinger. Susan Blackmore says it can be a very distressing
> >experience.
> >
> >Damien Broderick
> Dat's da guy! Now . . . the bonus question: "Which University?"

Don't know if this was already answered. I believe it was McGill.

He's now the bane of all the nutty UFO abduction proponents, since the phenomena he can produce closely resemble both abduction and NDE experiences. This research thus shows that these phenomena are occuring within the brain, rather than as a result of real experiences. Of course nobody wants to be told that 'its all in your head', somebody has to be to blame. The only question now is if it can be done with electromagnetic fields, how do such fields get created in the homes and cars of the experiencers, or are their experiences more neurochemical based. The evidence from rhypnol studies shows it is.

Mike Lorrey