Re: Final Challenge to Socialists
Mon, 14 Dec 1998 09:54:35 -0700

"Joe E. Dees" <> opines:

>Without a government to focus/summate/implement the people's will>in this
(or any)
>matter, all they could do when faced with a lawless
>major corporation is impotently and ineffectually "bitch", just like I
>used to do as an enlisted man in the U. S. Navy.

This is an excellent example of sloppy thinking. There's no such thing as "the people's will", there's only each individual's will. People implement their will, both individually and collectively, all the time without invoking the coercive mechanism of "government". It's only when *some* people want to force their will on *other* people that "government" is "necessary".

You don't have to do business with a company you don't like. Try exercising the same discretion with your local "government".