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> > "We" = those who cared enough to vote, obviously. Joe
> I think I'm insulted....(not sure)
> Consider the meme.
> "If you don't vote don't care"...
> However...there are no real choices. A Republican votes just like a
> after being elected (with various and sundry excuses as to why).
> vote is to validate the system. NOT voting does not.
> Comments?
> EvMick
Not to vote is to forego one possibility of affecting upon the system. All our political systems are composed of people, some better than others. No choice is perfect, but to not choose is passive, vegetative and "victimicious."

How about if you don't believe that the government does anything you'd want to be associated with, or matters.

For those people who believe that businesses run everything and that voting does nothing useful, not voting shows that they believe voting is pointlessa and the system should be changed.