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>> From what I have read on this list on this topic, (and compiled
>below) it
>> seems that the points brought up about education in this thread are:
>> 1. Free education at a basic level.
>> 2. Teaching of logic and thinking skills
>> 3. Private schools providing a "free market" competitiveness
>> schools
>> 4. Nothing of everyday application learnt in school.
>> 5. Poor people not getting an education
>> 6. Inadequate advancement of brighter students
>> 7. School placing too much emphasis on developing socialization
>> 8. Same age => same education
>> 9. Education leads to raised output and higher GNP.
>> A suggestion to compiling all of this into a workable and usable
>> philosophy would be schools that are free at a primary level to
>> regardless of social standing. This would hopefully 'help' the
>poorer people
>> to get a better life by being educated, rather than leave them
>absolutely no
>> chance to get out of their situation. It would help if this primary
>> education would be compulsory. This would definitely help in a
>> literacy rate.
>!!!! When are you collectivists going to learn that there's no such
>thing as a "free" education??!!!??
>If by "free" education you mean one supported with tax money, then you
>are advocating a "free" education supported with violence - the
>coercion of taxation.
>It doesn't matter how benign your intentions are, any governmental
>fooling with prices at any level is detrimental to the economy as a
>whole. Any form of involuntary taxation is theft, and therefore
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what if the 'free' education was paid for by the other fee-paying students at the higher levels of schooling? the idea here is for privately-owned institutions which earn money from research and development projects done by the students at the higher levels of schooling. also, some part of the fees paid to the school could be channelled to educating the younger children.

the was no mention of government in the post and there wasn't meant to be. sorry if i confused you.