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>"Samael" <> writes:
>> From: Anders Sandberg <>
>> >I prefer Bishop's idea of sending a lot of very small and cheap and
>> >redundant nanocraft by catapult instead - a few might flame out, but
>> >enough would survive.
>> What are we sending out in these nanocraft?
>> If I want to travel out in one of these these things (obviously PKZipped
>> down), I'm not sure I want multiple redundant copies going out.
>Why not? Finally a conversation partner one can get along with! :-)
>(I'm only half-joking, I'm seriously thinking of forming The Anders

There's a marvellous Asimov song (possibly called "Clone on the Range") about the possibilities of having a clone of the opposite sex.

>> Or are we just sending out nanocraft to set up a habitabler area for us
>> inhabit when we get there?
>Send them out to grab an asteroid, put up an assembler and antenna
>dish and wait for your radio transmission. That way you can travel
>more safely.

I hate to think how many parity bits I'd want before I'd radiotransmit myself across the cosmos. And imagine waiting for a pacekt transmit from the base station.