Re: computronium prime-oxide

Hara Ra (
Sun, 13 Dec 1998 21:51:01 -0800

>Establishment of a committee on a world level for the management of a
>data base counting the various problems
>of scientific nature which one can solve by methods of massive
>parallelization. **time-out** the committee
>himself occupy also to carry out a classification by command
>preferably of these problem, define the tactics of
>distribution automatic of code de computer with processor unoccupied and
>to count the result and them put
>accessible with public.

Ah, the centrist approach. I'll sell my cpu time at a market rate, provided:

  1. My base costs are covered, like the $ 0.10 per hour the electricty costs, etc.
  2. My security is not compromised.

What do I need a central committee for?

(I am behind on my email here, so I expect this notion is in my IN box already, oh well...)

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