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> As for the people of the state, my wife and I found them to be, for the
> part, extremists. Colorado Springs, for example, while possibly the
> prettiest city on the front range, is home to Focus on the Family and has
> the largest number of churches per capita than any other city in the US.
> They are very fundamentalist there. There are also several military
> installations in the Springs area.

A member of the Extropian list calling someone ELSE extreme?

Verry interesting. An example of successful memetic infection.

The liberal democratic politicians have apparently succeeded in "demonizing" what at one point in our history (not too long ago) was considered normal and desireable characteristics. Dare we say..."family values".

I wonder if that is why the adherents to those values call themselves "conservatives".

In one school or another I had a teacher (prof) who defined the terms "reactionary", "conservative", "liberal", and "radical"....

Either he was looopy...or the current news media are using the terms incorrectly.

(Personally I prefer the Pournelle Political Axis)

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