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Subject: IQ test question? (Greetings :-) )

> I've never taken a direct "IQ Test" in my 22 years of existance,
>and I was wondering is there any time in the standard U.S.A
>school system (K-12) that I would have been fed an actual
>"accepted" IQ test? -- and if so, can I get the results?.
> Thanks.
> John Heritage

Results of IQ tests that are administered should be available to you now that you're "of age". Just show up and demand them but it'll probably have to be in person, I imagine. If you want an IQ test at this point, seek out a School Psychologist who does intelligence testing on a regular basis (call your local school district). Or if you've taken the SAT, LSAT, MCAT, etc., you may be able to find some correlation values with the WAIS (Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale) IQ scores. There are some on-line IQ tests but they're only rough estimates, of course. They're much more valid when administered one-on-one (or so they tell me).

Keep in mind though that IQ tests are broken down into Verbal and Performance domains, and as Natasha was saying, there may be such a thing as multiple intelligences. Even so, it is my understanding that Gardner's theories are not gaining broad support. Robert Sternberg appears to be "the man" when it comes to intelligence theories in contemporary psychology.