Re: Final Challenge to Socialists
Sun, 13 Dec 1998 21:42:18 EST

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> Also, governments can exist just fine with very little or no taxation.
> > Look at the US up until 1913 or so. Hell, look at the US up until
> >the early 60's. I think families paid less than 10% of their income
> >in taxes up until the Democrats decided to create a Welfare State.
> absolutely not! the reason working families pay so much is because the
> share of the tax burden funded by corporations has decreased from around
> 40% to 10%. they've bought off enough politicians over the years to exempt
> themselves from countless taxes. so while the standard of living for the
> average American has stagnated, and decreased in many instances, American
> corporations are pulling in record profits and are receiving more in
> government welfare than individuals. and how did this happen? a privileged
> few running unchecked in a ruthless battle to the top, stepping all over
> the American public in the process.
Well DUH!

Lemme see...a corporation is.....what?'s an organization funded by the selling of shares. Thence shareholders. Who receive dividends (assuming profitability) or suffer losses (assuming un-profitability).. And whom might they be? It seems that they just MIGHT BE those very same "average americans". What do you know?

The idea that a business (corporation, sole proprietership or partnership) pays ANY kind of taxes is incorrect. Taxes to a business is just another form of expense. It is added together with all the other expenses and "passed on" to the end consumer.

The ONLY ONE who pays taxes is the "average american"

No other way it CAN be.