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Michael Lorrey (mike@lorrey.com)
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> > I had also no idea that the
> > mobility in the U.S.A. is so large.
> >
> It may be even larger than you think.
> I'm a "gypsy" trucker. I travel an average of one hundred thousand plus miles
> a year. I live in my truck. That is I have no other home. There are quiet a
> few like me.

The page he referred to also considered economic mobility to be under that topic. It is true, its easy for a hardworking person who has a couple ounces of brains to play things right and become wealthy. My older brother dropped out of one of the state colleges, and started mowing lawns with one push lawn mower, about 10 years ago. Now he has a business worth almost a million, managing the maintenance for around 40 condo/ apartment complexes and doing all sorts of landscaping. He expects to retire before age 40. He works 12-16 hour days almost every day, and has 15-20 employees.

As for regular mobility, I've lived in three states across the country in the past 10 years, in New Mexico, Washington State, and New Hampshire, and have traveled to 20 states on trips.