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> Terry Donaghe wrote:
> >
> > I further posit that there are no services "inappropriate or
> > impossible" for the private market to provide. Please list examples.
> I think the difference capitalism/socialism is about
> competition/cooperation. And there might be times when nationwide
> cooperation is necessary. War time? Fight against disease? Talks with
> other groups of people?
> So, I go for a government that would primarily have two
> responsibilities: defense and diplomacy. Or do you think enterprises
> could manage that too???
> Manu.
What about as an instrument for preserving our environment (which the private sector has shamelessly trashed), a global problem not amenable to individual or corporate solutions, and guaranteeing basic human righrs for its citizens (which other citizens, and corporations, are, sadly, only too willing to abrogate, violate and/or ignore)?