extropy: Greetings..


xebec (xebec@home.com)
Sat, 12 Dec 1998 08:26:12 -0500

Somehow I was TOTALLY exhausted last night, but 6 hours of sleep is enough to wake me up with full energy this morning.. I wonder how long this will last..

Anyway... It has occured to me that in all of this "technological advancement" that we have already (here in 1998), when it comes to the science of the mind (psychology, and psychiatry), we have no REAL CLUE of what levels of what chemicals are supposed to be present in our brain.

The reason I find this "depressing" is because basically, the way our brain (seems to) work is that all of your cells operate in a "logical" manner -- that is, neurons communicate back and forth and logically decide what is the next course of action based upon a series of algortythms and timing. Of course, cell efficiency, and the health of the cell can alter these things, which could give us different actions than otherwise "predicted" by the brain --> the REAL modifier of behavior is what chemicals that have been released into our brain and are floating through the cells. THIS is what effects the "efficiency" of cells, and alters the likely course that course that they decide to take..

If we cannot determine what are NORMAL levels or what we can change to change our emotions, then theoretically, the more intelligent someone is, the more trouble they can run into when something goes wrong. Now, of course I'm implying here that I'm more intelligent than a lot of people, and when my emotions go off, I'm experiencing "far worse" things than someone with less intelligent -- but look at the demographics... People who are "less intellgent" seem to be more easily satisfied with the things that life has to offer them. Consequently, someone who is aware and can conceive of MUCH MORE than our lives currently offer, we could be MUCH LESS happier than those who never thought of those things in the first place..

And with the advent of science fiction, and the such.. as well as the fact that our thinking brains [on this planet], have been advancing EVERYTHING [at an exponential rate], (including thought), over the last 100 years, there are becoming more possibilities for us to conceive of, as well as greater possibilities that when our brains are "out of chemical alignment", "terrible" things will happen.

Just a rant...