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Sat, 12 Dec 1998 01:20:17 +0800

"John Clark" <>:

> I don't want to oversell my case, there is no doubt that some good science
> has come from government funded research, and that's not surprising
> considering that government has trillions of dollars at it's disposal. Even a
> monkey throwing around that kind of money would occasionally do some good.

John (& Extropians):

It's my hypothesis that there are privately funded research scientists who know how to stimulate nerves from a distance with enough precision to throw a monkey around. I further hypothesize that this gives them a certain amount of power over human society. The ability to drive people around like puppets would also make law enforcement obsolete, assuming that the puppetmaster programming was peace oriented.

How much electricity does it take to stimulate a nerve?

How can that electricity be delivered via electromagnetic energy?

How fast does a signal need to be switched in order to simultaneously yet precisely stimulate the exact nerve patterns required for complex behavior?

Can Quantum Tunneling Transistors be used to switch this?

Can ground-based or space-based EMP arrays be used as transmitting antenna's?

Can ground-based high-energy lasers switched with quantum tunneling transistors provide the antennae array with accurate enough timing to direct electricity to specific synapse-pairs and neurons?

Can flywheels ( with cryogenic temperature superconductors be used as a ground-based source of high amplitude current to supply the high energy lasers that charge the space based EMP arrays?

Can Quantum Dot Cell Memory be used to store the holographic representations of a brains quantum state with 1/120th of a second resolution? Can these tapes be recorded and played back, to the same individual, or translated between the Central Nervous Systems of various individuals?

Can human genes be modified so that unnecessary coding (noise) is eliminated, thereby maximizing the genomic signal to noise ratio?

Can human genes be spliced with genes from other animals, so that human "blanks" (anencephalic clones) can be rapidly grown inside of artifical environments? Can this growth be accelerated by provided direct muscle stimulation and isometric exercises using the previously mentioned high amplitude quantum switched radio telemetry?

Can the "illusion" of death be overcome, by backing up a human's life experiences onto QDCM, then interfacing the QDCM with a "BLANK" produced in the fast organism growth system described above?

If you could have a harem of supermodel "blanks" that behaved in a manner completely complimentary to your physical, intellectual, and emotional needs, would you?

If you could have yourself backed-up onto QDCM, such that in the event of your untimely death, your nucleus accumbens could be transplanted to a "BLANK", then that "BLANK" could be reanimated using superconducting flywheels, QDCM, QTT, HEL, & EMP, would that appeal to you?