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Fri, 11 Dec 1998 21:25:05 +0800

Eugene Leitl <> wrote:
> You don't need to remove anything differential GPS (DGPS) provides
> dm realtime accuracy, which is significantly better than you get
> without selective availability. I think European 'civvies were
> thinking aloud about a European GPS solution for civil uses.
> While each information itself is too unreliable, taken together the
> data can easily be used for 2d and 3d autonomous vehicle
> operation. The reason it's not done is not technological infeasibility
> but legal uncertainty.

Somewhere there must be an agency or collection of agencies that has a "master plan", complete with transition logistics to an automated economy. This would include all systems: economic system, legal system, education system, transportation system, health care system, waste management system, communication system, etc.

It seems that whoever has constructed this master plan is use mindcontrol systems to disclose these plans as revelations during e-mail conversations.

My guess is that there will be a switch over to a "global gameboard" style economy and automated shuttle transportation system. There will be some sort of global inventory, where each item is tracked and associated with a "custodian", rather than an owner. This means, in essence, that real property and goods will be free. There will probably be laws against "hoarding".

The transportation system will probably consist of robotic shuttles, that aren't necessary "parked" 90% of the time, like today's automobiles. (pardon the guestimated statistics, accurate numbers can be provided by researchers who have access to the actual statistics).

With MEMS accelerometers, micromagnetometers, and DGPS, could we make tiny "sticky thingamawidgets" that are affixed to inventory items, giving accurate LPS/GPS telemetry.

I'm reminded of a 1980's AT&T commercial that showed a woman with a shopping cart full of groceries, simply moving through a scanner, and having the contents of the cart scanned at once.