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Fri, 11 Dec 1998 17:46:36 -0600

From:   (Phil Goetz)
Subject:        	POL: Opposite of progress
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> > Transhuman Mailing List
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> > Well, it's 4:25 on Friday, and the House Judiciary Committee just
> > approved articles of impeachment to be sent to the floor of the House
> > for debate.
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> > I suppose that we can forget any other sort of legislation getting to
> > the floor before Christmas break, which may delay further restrictions
> > on such technologies as cloning and fetal research. I checked on
> > pending bills, and only one had moved out of committee as of last week.
> >
> > Kathryn AEgis
> When Clinton was running for re-election, I joked that
> we should all vote for Clinton in order to keep Congress busy
> and out of trouble. I didn't really mean it at the time.
> Phil
It's a surreptitious way for Congress to gridlock themselves and avoid dealing with Clinton's more popular legislative initiatives until the end of his term. Everyone knows that since there aren't 67 votes in the Senate to remove him from office, that this is all just kabuki theatre, and a monumental waste of our time and money for the (ostensible) sake of a scarlet "A".