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> Example (albeit a personal one). My Girlfriend was recently
diagnosed as
> schizophrenic. She spent apporximately 2 years in and out of
hospitals and
> is now on drugs which help most of the time. With help and time
she'll be
> able to get herself back into society and earn a living (which should
> include paying off the money spent on her by the health service).
She had
> no money and still has none. She will have eventually (once she is
> In a pure capiutalist society she would have starved to death by now.
Nonsense! In a pure capitalist society charities would not have to unfairly compete with the government. You seem to forget that it's perfectly acceptable for individuals to VOLUNTARILY donate money to charity. No coercion involved. Also, healthcare in a free market driven economy would be much cheaper.

> >Yes there will still be people who fall off the bottom of the system,
> people
> >become drunks, drug addicts, or suffer accidents without sufficient
> insurance,
> >or are dependents of people who do so. That, sir, is life.
> It is life for you. It is not life for me. And I shall remain in a
> where it is not life. And lobby for it to be life everywhere,
becasue to do
> anything else would be to stop caring.
> Now, if we could cure
> >everyone who has predispositions toward drug and alcohol abuse I
think that
> >would go a long way toward ending this problem, since most poverty
> crime is
> >drug and alcohol related.
> Most drug related crime is caused by the regulation of said drugs.
> much was learnt from prohibition.

> Samael


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