Re: Travelling the Stars

Anders Sandberg (
11 Dec 1998 19:19:06 +0100

"Samael" <> writes:

> From: Anders Sandberg <>
> >I prefer Bishop's idea of sending a lot of very small and cheap and
> >redundant nanocraft by catapult instead - a few might flame out, but
> >enough would survive.
> What are we sending out in these nanocraft?
> If I want to travel out in one of these these things (obviously PKZipped
> down), I'm not sure I want multiple redundant copies going out.

Why not? Finally a conversation partner one can get along with! :-) (I'm only half-joking, I'm seriously thinking of forming The Anders Collective)

> Or are we just sending out nanocraft to set up a habitabler area for us to
> inhabit when we get there?

Send them out to grab an asteroid, put up an assembler and antenna dish and wait for your radio transmission. That way you can travel more safely.

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