Re: Wilson's mental hierarchy

Paul Hughes (
Fri, 11 Dec 1998 09:28:12 -0800

Samael wrote:

> >But even leaving out that quote,
> >or anything else you wish to disclaim as irrelevant, I can't see anything
> in
> >the "8-circuit" model that constitutes a useful guide to understanding or
> >building minds. Neither can anyone else.
> Ahem. Feel free to say that you can't see anything useful. To say that
> nobody else can see anything useful seems like an unwarranted assumption.
> Especially as the original poster apparently did see something.
> >I am telling you that the "8 circuits" are oversimplified and flat wrong.
> They can't be both. Are they an oversimplification of the truth or do they
> bear no relation to the truth?

Finally, somebody on this list is capable of logic, and not irrational egotistical opinion, as is the embarrassing case for Eliezer.

Paul Hughes