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Fri, 11 Dec 1998 15:26:05 -0000

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Subject: BASICS: Anarcho-capitalism

>Joe E. Dees [] wrote:
>>In such a case, ANY government would be susceptible to the charge
>>of extortion, laissez-faire representative democracy or otherwise. "I
>>didn't vote for it" would prevent ANY government from collecting ANY
>>taxes needed for ANYthing - even to hire water or food inspectors,
>>or defend borders, or vaccinate children, or even to exist.
>Yes. You seem to be getting it. You do realise that this is a list full of
>anarchists, don't you?

Not entirely full. There appear to be a few non-anarchists about the place.

>I don't particularly care about "improving"
>government because I dislike all forms of government; admittedly there
>are a bunch of libertarians on the list who believe in extremely limited
>government (e.g. defence, etc)

What is your answer to the bombing question?

ie - if you want to pay for defence against enemy bombers, but your neighbour doesn't, how do we defend one of you and not the otehr - and if we can't, do we just let your neighbour get away with something for nothing.