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Alejandro Dubrovsky wrote:

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> > > I don't know of any country which defined
> > > itself as a communist state.
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> > The former USSR comes to well as present day Cuba and mainland
> > China.
> One of the S's in USSR stands for socialist, China is the People's
> republic and Cuba no idea but i find it extremely unlikely that they would
> claim to be communist. I think their cry was 'socialism or death'.
> Don't think any of the three ever claimed to be communist (if you've got
> any relevant quotes or statements, i would serioulsly like to hear of
> them)
> chau

A one party government where the one party is the Communist Party is, for all intents and purposes, a communist state. Communist dogma controls all government policy, when government policy isn't being used to support perks for communist party members. That recent efforts by dissidents to form an opposition party recently in China have been suppressed indicate that this is still the case there, while similar doings are happening in Cuba.

A country can call itself a Kingdom for all I care. If the government policies are communist party policies with no dissention allowed, then it is a communist state.

Mike Lorrey