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Fri, 11 Dec 1998 13:31:55 -0000

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From: Anders Sandberg <>
>Something that has worried me a bit is that there are socialist
>transhumanists, but they haven't managed to formulate how their views
>fit together with transhumanism to the same extent that libertarian
>transhumanists have done (the libertarians of course claim this is
>because it is impossible). This makes it hard to discuss the pros and
>cons clearly, and to a large extent gives an undeserved walk-over to
>the libertarians. So I repeat my request for somebody to try to write
>up a concise "left transhumanism".

It really depends on what you mean by a 'left transhumanism'.

Do you mean a guide to getting to the transhuman point while following socialist principles? Or do you mean a guide to being a transhuman whilst also being left wing?

If you mean the latter, I am not sure it is possible, as I have no idea how people will think when they are no longer human.

If you mean the former, I believe that there is no avoiding the Transhuman eventuality without doing what the Khmer Rouge did. I do not find this very likely in todays political climate.

Either way round I'm not a very socialist person, so I'm probably not the best person to answer this.