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> > BTW, How da
> > y'all like the way the people's Republicans are cavortin'
> > w/impeachment in the Judiciary Committee and votin' ta rid us uv
> > that turpitudinous man we elected twice (after the wake-up mid-term
> > vote, even)?
> > Joe
> I can't tolerate socialists (democrats) but I find Republicans little better.
> At least democrats are honest about what they intend to do....the republicans
> lie about it prior to election and then vote like democrats after they get
> elected.
> Which may explain the last election. You notice that all the republicans who
> lost were "moderates". That is...they got caught in their lies and were voted
> out. The staunch conservative republican incumbents had no trouble staying in
> office.

You need people ta tell you what you can and can't do w/yer weewee, and ta snoop on ya ta make sure yer towin' their line? That's what the RepubliChristians'll give ya! I sure's hell HOPE Clinton lied; it wuz- and iz- nunaour/theirfukkinbizness, OR Starr's! Jeez; Guy can't even get a hummer in peace anymore, without zealous weazels tryin' ta saw yer jugular! If Hillary (and 2/3 of the peepz)'r'willin' ta stick w/him, leave 'im in! He may be a cad, but he's a Southern Gentleman cad, and, come hell er high water, he wasn't gonna tell (a gentleman NEVER does) until she did first. What you call staunch, I call prurient, tyrannical and dictatorial (unresponsive to the manifest will'o'tha peeple).

> Actually I beleive a lot of people just decided to drop out of the
> process...there was no choice cases where the "choice was
> either a "moderate republican" or democrat there was really NO
> many just didn't bother to lend credibility to the process...they staid home.
> Then there was Jesse Ventura. I wish I could have voted for him.
> Regarding the impeachment opinion is the same as it has been. I
> want it to continue....he's guilty of purjury. I heard it.
> I've listened to the House Judiciary Committee proceedings for the last many
> hours on PBS as I drive down the road. What planet is Maxine Waters from?
> And that "lady" representative from southern texas makes me ashamed of my
> state. "Drive the mars explorer over to the flag the astronauts left?"....
> Such is the quality of those who make decesions that affect our lives......
> EvMick.

You'll have your chance...Hulk Hogan's announced his candidacy in the Y2K Prezelection, campaigning as a member of Ross Perot's brood, jes' lak Jesse.