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my inner geek (
Thu, 10 Dec 1998 14:52:55 +0800

Michael Lorrey <>:
> system. Now most of the cost of one of those is just the engine. So we get
> smarter battlefield technologies for less money thanks to gps. Also THOR is a
> line of sight system is it not? Well, most preferred weapons can kill over
> the horizon....

I said "THOR", I meant "THEL". Yes, it's a line of site laser, yet can be space based. Check your calendar, is the moon visible from your location? Imagine a few hundred of these on the moon!

Actually, what's the point in sending a Tomahawk from an off-shore Destroyer or human-piloted fighter/bomber, when you can send something up in a parabolic trajectory that uses GPS to steer while decending upon its target?