Re: BASICS: Property Rights

my inner geek (
Thu, 10 Dec 1998 11:13:15 +0800 wrote:

> If you don't believe that your money is yours, please send it all to me
> right now. I'll accept all major currencies and precious metals.

Speaking of all major currencies and precious metals...

What if you had a scanner 3D capable of telling you the atomic number of any x,y,z coordinate. Imagine you could scan the whole earth, and read the DNA of every living creature, as well as locate the physical location of all gold, platinum, silver, copper, and every other element?

If you were to use nanorobots to collect all the gold, platinum, silver, titanium, and copper, and to assemble them into pyramids, how large would each pyramid be?

Could the golden pyramid be placed somewhere in Mountain View, CA, without being so heavy as to cause the coast of California to crack along the San Andreas Fault, and sink into the Pacific Ocean?

P.S. I don't think Teledesic is going to fly. Two-way QTT & EMP used for copyright enforcement just isn't in the cards.

Now that we know that GPS fits on chips (, how do we get the civilians to have the same precision of the military?

How can a civilian organization build a transportation infrastructure that consists of computer navigated electric shuttles, when the civilian chips are only accurate to 100 meters? And why do we need our tax dollars going to tanks, planes, and cruise missiles when we have speed-of-light kill systems like THOR? Maybe it's time to call some friends at the phone company and have them start making lists of home addresses for the senior executives at all military industrial complex defense contracts, just so that when the next boondoggle war starts, we can begin eye-for-an-eye deanimation of the dogs of war?