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Natasha Vita-More (
Thu, 10 Dec 1998 06:56:47 -0600

LIFE 2.0 International Competition

This is a call for submission of art works to an international competition on "art and artificial life." We are looking for works in electronic and digital media that cross over with the field of a-life research. Artists whose work uses digital synthesis techniques and whose conceptual concerns are related to synthetic life and artificial evolution, are invited to submit their pieces. The work may employ techniques such as digital genetics, autonomous robotics, recursive chaotic algorithms, knowbots, computer viruses, avatars or virtual ecosystems.

An international jury (Jose Luis Brea, Manuel DeLanda, Joe Faith, Rafael Lozano-Hemmer, Sally Jane Norman and chair Nell Tenhaaf) will grant three cash awards, with a first prize of US $5,000 (2nd Prize:$3,500 - 3rd Prize:$1,500), plus seven honorary mentions to the most innovative electronic art projects related to a-life. Furthermore, works that are awarded a monetary prize or selected for an honorary mention will be included in a "Best of LIFE 2.0" video which will be aired on specialty television programs and circulated at festivals worldwide. Assessment will be based on video documentation submitted along with an application form. The deadline for submission is Friday, January 15, 1999.

The Life 2.0 International Competition is sponsored by the Fundacion Arte y Tecnologia in Madrid, Spain.

For further submission information and the application form, please see:

For questions concerning eligibility of entries: Nell Tenhaaf, Artistic Director <>

All other inquiries:
Susie Ramsay <>