Study Groups for Extropy

man immortal (
Wed, 09 Dec 1998 21:06:29 PST

Extropians are among the most intelligent people I know and I want to see us all make the most of our knowledge and abilities to better ourselves by improving communications and collaborating on projects which bring us closer to our shared goals. I am most interested in doing PRACTICAL research and development work towards immortaliism and transhumanism through tissue engineering and cybernetics.
Theoretical topics are exciting, but I really enjoy information that can be put to good use, that's why I focused my attention on cutting edge diet and exercise regimens for this past year, ALL year. My specialties are general, practical, and low cost alternative therapies for intelligence augmentation, and life-extension, such as: Calorie Restriction , the Anabolic Burst Cycle of Diet and Exercise system by Torbjorn Akerfeldt at , the Evolutionary Fitness system by Art DeVany at , Eat Smart, Think Smart by Robert Haas, and the Eat Right 4 Your (Blood) Type system by Peter J. D'Adamo at That's why I haven't been participating on the list much. I learned that most people should fire their blood-sucking doctors, not that I have anything against vampires; vamps are cool, but most doctors suck, except when it comes to critical care. I know the power of a focused mind.
That's why I want to be part of a focused group. So what do you say?
Let's get down and dirty.

E-mail me, Scott Painter, at if you have any comments or suggestions and please, by all means, feel free to continue this thread.

Winds, rains, power failures, snows, sleets, hails, frostbite, heat stroke, computer virii, millenium bugs, animal attacks, assassinations, car accidents, riots, mass immigrations, famines, heart attacks, stroke, cancers, AIDS, pollutants, plagues, droughts, tornadoes, fires, lightning strikes, landslides, lahars, floods, dam failures, hurricanes, tsunamis, earthquakes, pyroclastic clouds, volcanoes, nuclear holocausts, meteors, world wars, cometary collisions, anti-matter bombs, nanotechnological run-aways, interplanetary collisions, solar expansions, supernovas, intergalactic collisions, black holes, big bangs and crunches...need help? I do.

Perfectionist, idealist, hedonist, eclectic, universal immortalist, transhumanist, Extropian (Hey Joe, do you see that? I capitalized it for you :-), life extensionist, longevist, bodybuilder automorph, metamorphosist, survivalist, dietition, nutritionist, cryonicist, researcher, scholar, genius, rationalist mastermind, futurist, futurologist, space colonization enthusiest, astronomer, astrologer, Aries/Pisces, dreamer, meditator, Taoist, Buddhist, Yogin, Christian, Kabalist, Pagan, Ancestor Worshipper, Sovereign, former boy scout,

indian guide, goth, vamp, mage, god, Green Party member, 
environmentalist, neo-primitivist, naturalist, naturist, gymnast, 
athlete, martial artist, dancer, club hopper, cyberpunk, phreak, freak, 
artist, thespian, musician, self-improvement fanatic, adventurer, pacifist, optimist, romantic, switch, polyamourist, cyclically calorie-restricted and ketogenic Evolutionary-Fitness and Anabolic Burst Cycle of Diet and Exercise system enthusiest, 21 year-old, male, androgyne, nordic/atlanto-mediterranian, and automorphotransmetatechnoreginadiabiophysicist SEEKS ASSISTANCE for secret, underground, high elevation, disaster resistant farms, highly reusable intergalactic space vehicles, and laboratories for transbiological metamorphosis into nanotechnological, molecular manufacturing, rapid prototyping, universal assembling, mind uploaded, and artificially intelligent utility fogs. ...interested? You should be.

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