Re: Transhumanists in Belgium?

christophe delriviere (
Thu, 10 Dec 1998 01:42:35 +0100

Doug Bailey wrote:

> I will be in Brussels December 13th through the 18th for
> the Starlab Consortium meeting.

Starlab ? at the VUB? could be very interesting, for sure... would you like to tell a little more what is it about?

> I'll have some free time
> while in Brussels and would like to meet transhumanists in
> the area. Email me if you'd like to meet.

Yes, I live in Belgium, in the french-side, at something like 1 hour of BXL if you use car.I can't be sure it will be possible for me. All I can tell is : that could only be possible for me the 17th and perhaps the 18th.
Ah, I've never see a true transhumanist in the reality media. Would like to check if they are really peoples ;)
I'm really not sure if I can bring you something Doug, especially if I'm alone to meet you and discuss with you. I'm the kind of guy who dislike a lot the one-to-one type of conversation, but if we are a few number... say 3 ;)... it could be very enjoyable for me.

Have you already a schedule defined? some time constraints,... Because I will probably have some constraints on the time too ;(

Hey, if there are other transhumanist or like minded spirits in Belgium they should tell me because sometimes i'm feeling a little alone ;) ... especially if they are hugely beautiful and intelligent babes interested about making things (*) with probably one of the few aware and caring of this great m-plex in this country ;)...


(well, of course it depend of your sets of goals, not(sexy babes) will surely be strongly appreciated but essentially to build or try to build some kewl project together or at least to discuss about that and the topics)