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Thu, 10 Dec 1998 05:13:06 +1100 (EST)

---Michael Lorrey <> wrote:

> Extropy puts the primary source of control in the individual, which
is why it is
> associated with American style libertarianism. Socialist
Extropianism is more
> properly described as European style Transhumanism, or as Socialist
> Transhumanism. Extropy recognises no limits for the individual
outside of not
> harming other individuals. Socialism limits the individual first,
> control in the hands of the controlling authority which claims to
represent the
> majority.
> If a society cannot trust the individual, how can it trust a group of
> individuals? I can always trust myself to look out for me, and you
can trust
> yourself to look out for you. I cannot always trust you to look out
for me,
> especially when our interests are in conflict. Applying this
principle to one
> thing and not another is hypcritical. Applying it to technology, or to
> social/cultural issues, but not to economic relationships reflects a
lack of
> integrity which I find disturbing, and untrustworthy.
> Mike Lorrey
Amen! I would love to see a rational defense of socialism by some of our collectivist associates. I posit that it can't be done (rationally).

Any takers?


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