Japanese scientists make 8 clones of a cow

Han Huang (hhuang@MIT.edu)
Wed, 9 Dec 1998 12:26:55 -0500

See today's _New York Times_,


> Scientists in Japan report that they have cloned eight
> calves from cells they gathered from a slaughterhouse,
> creating eight identical copies of a single cow. Though half
> of the calves died, some biologists say the results indicate
> that the cloning of cows may be at least as efficient as in
> vitro fertilization.
> Cows are the third adult mammal to be cloned. The first
> was a lamb named Dolly, whose birth was announced in
> February 1997.
> She had been cloned from an udder cell.
> Then came mice, announced last July. And suddenly
> cloning, which just two years ago had been thought
> biologically impossible, is looking like it might be entirely
> feasible, if not easy, according to cloning experts.

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-Han Huang