Re: Imagination, more important than intelligence?

Wed, 09 Dec 1998 17:03:47 +0100

It appears as if Copyright Material Suppressed <> wrote:
|I'd have to agree, in fact most people don't even have the language to
|discuss/conceptualize >H memes. I've found over and over that trying to
|explain a foreign concept to someone meets with a great deal of resistance.
|People, in general, seem to feel (or at least act) as though you're either
|spoofing them or putting them down when you talk about things that they've
|never been exposed to.

INTP make bad teachers, apparently.
ENFJ, anyone?

I suggest:

Show them how to get from here to there. Make a step-by-step inference ladder.
Start with the simple concepts.
Continue with the stranger when simple concepts shown.

L. Ron Hubbard advocated the use of this method in his book "Dianetics". It appears a pedagogically sound methodology to me.

You need to communicate efficiently.
Learn the rhetorical techniques.