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>> Kids
>> have no real need to know the people they are in primary and secondary
>> school
>> with that well.
>That echo's a concept I've been developing for quiet some time. I'm agin
>government schools. I think that children should be homeschooled. When
>how those homeschooled children are going to learn social skills by
>interacting with their "peers" I point out that it's irrelevant.

Except that they learn together. Most adults cannot be bothered with the social learning processes that children go through.

>By that I mean.....why teach children to interact with children?
>is a temporary thing...the remainder of their lives they will be dealing
>adults. Why not teach children to deal with adults to begin with and be
>with it?

>Yes...I know...look at all the things they would miss by not interacting
>their drugs...bullies...teenage pregnancy...and other such
>character building experiences..
Are you trying to raise these children to follow some particular agenda you hace? Or are you just trying to stop them having fun?