Re: The Education Function
Tue, 8 Dec 1998 20:33:22 EST

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> Kids
> have no real need to know the people they are in primary and secondary
> school
> with that well.


That echo's a concept I've been developing for quiet some time. I'm agin government schools. I think that children should be homeschooled. When asked how those homeschooled children are going to learn social skills by interacting with their "peers" I point out that it's irrelevant.

By that I mean.....why teach children to interact with children? Childhood is a temporary thing...the remainder of their lives they will be dealing with adults. Why not teach children to deal with adults to begin with and be done with it?

Yes...I know...look at all the things they would miss by not interacting with their drugs...bullies...teenage pregnancy...and other such character building experiences..