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>Andrew Ducker wrote:
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>> >Cool! A collectivist extropian!
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>> >Isn't that an oxymoron? Shouldn't it be?
>> A neophobic extropian would be an oxymoron.
>> Other than that, almost anyone can believe in the reduction of entropy
and a
>> technology based positive future.
>Hardly. A socialist extropian wants to limit extropy from entering the
>realm. Extropic society, extropic technology, but not an extropic economy.
>Sounds like nothing but a mere democrat to me.

I feel vaguely insulted. I think democracy is a ridiculous idea (I've been known to refer to it as 'the politics of gang rape').

I don't believe large scale direct control of the economy is possible or necessary (it's far too much of a chaotic system for that kind of thing).

I believe in maximising the potential of _individuals_, but on a large scale and that the easiest and most efficient way of doing so is by generalising - but as little as possible. I beleive there are certain basic functions that should be available to all people, but above those there should be as few limitations as possible.