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Tue, 08 Dec 1998 09:00:14 -0500

Samael wrote:

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> Date: 04 December 1998 19:59
> Subject: Re: Re [MEDIA] The death penalty
> >I do think that:
> >a) executions should be publicized
> >b) family members of victims should be given priority in pushing the
> >button
> >c) the means of execution might be chosen to fit the crime. shooters
> >should be shot, knifers should be guillotined, rape/murderers should be
> >given that old punishment which the Romans used on female slaves: they are
> >sat onto a large metal spike until it comes out their mouths. A fit
> >punishment for a crime should make the perpetrator feel exactly how the
> >victim felt. This would not be 'cruel and unusual', since it does not
> >exceed the treatment that the victim received. If a killer knew that his
> >punishment was going to meet that which he or she imposed on his or her
> >victims, I think it would be a much better deterrent.
> >
> >I prefer justice which is aesthetically fitting.
> I thought most studies had shown that brutal public executions don't
> actually deter people from crime. They just don't believe they
are going to
> get caught and when they are, the thought of the punishment means they tend
> to be more violent in their attempts to evade capture.

Hardly. How many murders are there in muslim states vs. non muslim states?

> If we are going to dispose of criminals (and I think this is reasonable in
> certain circumstances) something swift and painless would be my preferred
> method. And in private. We shouldn't be doing it for revenge, we
should be
> doing it because the world will be a better place afterwards.

One less bad genetic sequence at a time, the world gets better with each execution. It gets even better if that sequence elemination can be used in effective propaganda to deter others from making the same mistake.