Re: Free will (was: Re: Nucleus Accumbens Transplant)

Michael Lorrey (
Tue, 08 Dec 1998 08:55:50 -0500

John Clark wrote:

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> Michael Lorrey <>
> >My only question to those who simultaneously believe in many worlds, while also believing
> >in conservation of mass and energy: Where does all of the mass and energy come from? Many
> >Worlds talks about whole new universes splitting off all the time. Where is the mass and
> >energy for these universes coming from?
> If there are an infinite number of universes then mass and energy are still conserved,
> Infinity +1 = Infinity. If the number is only astronomical then either the conservation laws
> are not true at the largest scale or the number of universes is constant, if a universe splits
> off then someplace else two universes merge.

Since we know that the universe had a beginning, and we are at a fixed point in time now, then there has been a finite number of splits, therefore conservation is being violated. Now I understand the mechanism for new universes to be created by black holes which does not technically limit conservation due to hyperinflation physics, but if every atom in the universe suddenly doubles in situ at today's energy levels then there has got to be some funny phenomena we can check.