Re: The Education Function

Damien R. Sullivan (
Mon, 7 Dec 1998 19:16:40 -0800 (PST)

> The articles refers to the education functions of Sweden, the Netherlands

(The US is "far behind" them.)

> A well-educated populace is generally a more rational populace. So that's
> my tie-in to the list's subject matter. :)
> Doug Bailey

On Dec 5, 2:04pm, Terry Donaghe wrote:
> Don't those countries (Sweden, the Netherlands) have socialist
> governments? I couldn't consider socialism to be particularly
> rational...

On Dec 6, 6:38am, Terry Donaghe wrote:
> As long as we in the US continue to demand government provided
> schools, our education system will remain poor. The function of our

On Dec 7, 5:16am, Terry Donaghe wrote:
> Remember, the free market ALWAYS provides better solutions to problems
> than the government.

And finally:

On Dec 5, 11:37pm, Spike Jones wrote:
> the u.s. must eventually face the hard truth on how damaging it is
> to our education system to hold to certain politically correct notions.
(talks about evolution vs. creationism.)


Let's see. Sweden and the Netherlands have better educational systems. They are also more socialist in general, and their schools are at least as socialized as ours. Obviously any AI with minimal pre-conceptions would have to conclude that the problem with US education is that we have too much government.

Or maybe it would conclude that this thread has shown a certain amount of libertarian political correctness.

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