Re: Pascal's Wager

Spike Jones (
Mon, 07 Dec 1998 19:25:32 -0800

Samael wrote:

> The main problem I always had with Pascal's wager is that is impossible (for
> me at least) to suddenly start believing in something, even if I want to. I
> have otbe made ot belive. I need something to be waved in front of me. Eve
> if I was offered a million dollars for believing in unicorns, I wouldn't
> _believe_

ive often thought pascal intended his conjecture as a little joke. it takes a special kind of "thinking" to allow one to choose ones belief. i suspect this is a special calculus that most on this list cannot do.

years ago, i stumbled upon this question "can one choose one's belief?" the answers i got really surprised me. most people said, yes, of course, everyone does it, etc. i pondered and concluded i have little if any choice in what i believe. i am weird. {8^D spike